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Modern Fiberglass Resin Planter

(10 customer reviews)


Indoor Round Modern Fiberglass Resin Planter Pot with Drainage Hole and Plug, 10 inch, Bronze

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Product Description

d'vine dev planter stand<img alt=”d’vine dev planter stand” src=”,0,2480,744_PT0_SX600__.jpg”>

D’vine Dev Indoor 8 & 10 & 12 Inches Fiberglass Resin Modern Planter

Plants Pot/Planting Container with Multiple Matte Color Finishing

Easy Grow with Drainage Hole and Removable Rubber Drainage Plug

These handcrafted modern planters have the perfect weight and sturdy with small to larger plants on a planter stand. It uses durable hand laid fiberglass resin material with features like weather resistant, rust resistant and matte color finishing. The simple cylinder-shaped design is so elegant and can be easily fit a 8″ or 10″ or 12″ planter stand from D’vine Dev brand or other planter stands. With contemporary matte finishing, these pots can accent your space at your home nicely. It will look great with indoor plants, succulent plants, house plants and large live plants or artificial greenery. Also, with the easily removable drainage hole and rubber drainage plug, it gives the plants appropriate draining for over-watering, besides it can provide better water-flow and air penetration, healthy root growth for live plants. Sincerely hope you love it as much as we do!

Notice on the Matte Color Finishing and Paint Odor

What is the Odor when the packaged is opened?

The odor is due to the matte finishing paint. It was packaged right after the paint is dried. So it has a little odor.

Is it harmful to live plants?

Absolutely not. The paint is dried and won’t easily fade. The odor will quickly disappear, and it won’t have any damage or harmful effect on the healthy plants planted inside these planters.

10 inches planter pot<img alt=”10 inches planter pot” src=”,0,2666,3554_PT0_SX300_V1___.jpg”>

10 inches white planter pot<img alt=”10 inches white planter pot” src=”,326,1330,665_PT0_SX350__.jpg”>Accent Your Home Space Nicely

With or without a planter stand, this planter pot can nicely match most modern home decor scene.

Looking for a perfectly match planter stand?

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Modern Home Planter Pot

Matte Color Finishing – Elegant

With contemporary matte finishing, these pots can accent your space at your home nicely. It will look great with indoor plants, succulent plants, house plants and large live plants or artificial greenery.

  1. Matte White Finishing Planter Pot
  2. Matte Black Finishing Planter Pot
  3. Matte Grey Finishing Planter Pot
  4. Modern Bronze Finishing Planter Pot
  5. Currently Medium 8″ & Large 10″ Planter Pot
  6. X-Large Size 12″ Planter Pot to Come
  7. Drainage Hole and Plug
  8. Drainage Mesh Net and Planter Filler

More than just a pot – it’s a lifetime of houseplants’ heath.

8 inches 10 inches size planter pot<img alt=”8 inches 10 inches size planter pot” src=”,0,2587,2587_PT0_SX220__.jpg”> drainage cap<img alt=”drainage cap” src=”,0,1447,1447_PT0_SX220__.jpg”> planter filler<img alt=”planter filler” src=”,0,1599,1599_PT0_SX220__.jpg”> drainage net<img alt=”drainage net” src=”,0,1000,1000_PT0_SX220__.jpg”>

8 Inches | 10 Inches | 12 Inches

Handmade Size Variation 8” (D: 7.5” – 7.75”; H: 7.75”) 10” (D: 9.5” – 9.75”; H: 9.5”) 12” (D: 11.8” – 12”; H: 11.8”)

Drainage Hole & Plug

With a large drainage hole on the side of the bottom and customized silicon plug, it can be easily removed for drainage. Or place inside without drainage need.

Ceramic Planter Filler

Like natural lava rocks, this bag of ceramic planter fillers can be placed it either at the bottom of the pot or on the surface, or mix it with plant soil to provide great air and water flow.

Stainless Steel Drainage Net

Place the drainage net inside the pot beneath the planting soil. It is designed to provide planting soil falling off while still allowing water drainage. Rust-resistant stainless steel material.

d'vine dev planter pot<img alt=”d’vine dev planter pot” src=”,0,1617,500_PT0_SX970__.jpg”>

Matte Finishing Modern Planter Pot for Houseplants

Perfect weight, sturdy & durable material hand laid fiberglass resin planter – weather resistant, durable and sturdy, simple cylinder-shaped design but elegant matte finishing planter pots, proudly by D’vine Dev

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Medium, Large, X-Large


Bronze, Matte Black, Matte Grey, Matte White, Terracotta

10 reviews for Modern Fiberglass Resin Planter

  1. Carrie

    This pot seems a little expensive to me but It was the only one I could find like this. It’s super pretty and I do feel it’s worth the money for the look.

  2. MissingGalena3

    This was exactly what I was looking for my new plant. The pot arrived well packed! No chips no scratches, no blemishes (I was concerned about this after reading some reviews). It is sturdy and I did put my plant directly into the pot. No leaks. A word of advice, it is a matte finish so be careful when planting you could have fingerprints from dirt. Everything was included (plug, lava stones, mesh netting, plastic leaf-not sure what its purpose). Quite happy with the product thus far. I am taking it to my office, so I will see how it holds up. All in all I am happy with my purchase. I wish it came with a finish other than matte for easier cleaning; however, I gave five stars because I already knew with that type of finish it would not wipe easily.

  3. Jessica

    This planter is amazing! I’ve been looking for a big cylindrical planter for a while and was so excited when I found this one, especially for the price! It is a very nice matte bronze/gold… a very classy subtle look. It has an off centered drainage hole, but comes with a plug, as well as a nice size bag of plant filler, which I thought was awesome. I used this one for my fiddle leaf fig, but am buying another for my yucca!

  4. Alyssa

    I never realized how hard finding a beautiful indoor planter was, until I needed one! Look no further, because this one is PERFECT! It’s gorgeous, packaged SO nicely, and even included some extra aerators to be mixed into the soil! Couldn’t be happier with my purchase!

  5. Taylor F.

    Plants are my new favorite thing and I am very picky about what my plants go into, their home should be as comfy as mine and D’vineDev made sure it would be! Whether you’ve been a plant parent forever or you’re just starting out they make it easy – it comes with little ceramic balls to put in the bottom for better drainage and that is just one little thing that makes you smile when all you were expecting was a pot. The packaging was great and my pot arrived safely though they leave you a card if anything happens and I feel like they would help replace it if it did come damaged and that will always be a plus in my book. I was sad to see their website is down (08/02/20) but I put in my email because I would love to notified when it is back up and running because I will definitely be using them again!!

  6. Rain

    It really is a beautiful planter. We put our small, growing snake plant in it in hopes we won’t have to replant it for a while. The planter is tall, the color really is so nice. I love the matte white! I hope we can find a stand for it because it would look beautiful on a stand as well!

  7. Amazon Customer

    Just received this pot today and it fits perfectly in my stand. So far so good. Money looks great in this pot. I’m sure she will love it. Yes, my plants name is money. She started at about 4 inches tall.

  8. Charlie Kelly

    Not only did this pot come very safely packaged it’s beautiful and sturdy. I needed a pot for my four foot snake plant and this fit the bill. Beyond that I liked the extra touch of the ceramic balls to use as drainage(I normally use charcoal) so I’m excited to use a different material! Thank you so much for my beautiful pot 🙂

  9. Artinique

    Beautiful pots! My only complaint is they aren’t that easy to clean. One of those eraser sponges removed dirt and scuffs I caused while potting, arranging and occasionally when watering.

  10. Heather Moule

    Bought this planter to go with my new Fox&Fern plant stand (their pot was WAY too expensive). This one is GREAT, good quality, sturdy, no marks/scratches/etc and came very safely packaged. The seller even includes planter filler which was perfect to put in first and on top of the soil Highly recommend this product.

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